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Created by the amazing designers and screenwriters of Acca Accademia, contain the first original cover and the novel of Lost in Brera series!                       Your NFT in limited edition and free only in Lucca Comics 2022.

An original fairytale story written by the author during EXPO 2015, under patronage of Brera Academy and  cooperation with the Brera Design District, Milan. Inspired and as a tribute to the great writer and storyteller Neil Gaiman, the comic will be created by Acca Accademia, and presented in the innovative NFT format, on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

Thanks to the innovative blockchain’s technology, the lucky owners of the first 500 NFTs will be able to obtain the ownership of the digital table of the Comic Book Cover (in a limited and exclusive edition) and the short novel.

Plus the opportunity to join the next exhibition of the comic’ strips Lost in Brera, in the Acca Academy’s Metaverse. Oculus Quest 2 VR technology suggested for a better experience.

Check out the updates and many other upcoming news. 


The short story “Lost in Brera” is part of the novel book “Where the day ends”, published and distributed on the Amazon Store, which brings together many genres with a single common denominator: the mystery that has always enveloped our existence.


To receive your NFT with the original limited edition image cover and the short story, you only need to enter your email address and the public address of your wallet and it will be delivered to you directly in the days following the request.

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